What “Little Things” Make Me Happy

Lately life has fucking sucked. Sometimes life just gets like that, it becomes hard. It feel like a process trying to get up everyday and live life. I won’t bore you with whats going on behind the scene of my life but I will start by saying, don’t believe everything you see on social media. That smile on my story is about 1 minute of my day. Also don’t take this as I hate my life and depressed and blah blah blah. Even though that may be slightly true, it’s not fully. Everyone is allow to have bad days. They are allowed to cry for everything thats going on in life or for no reason at all. I want to make this post more so for myself and for anyone that is having there bad days where they forget about all the little things in life, even though they’re things might not make you happy. SOOOOO if thats the case, please make this same list for yourself of all your little things to remind yourself that the hard times are just a few minutes of your day.

  1. The smell of fresh cut grass on a spring day
  2. Having tan lines from spending a day at the beach with friends
  3. Putting potato ships in a sandwich your mom made you after going swimming
  4. The feeling of confidence after you do your makeup and its exactly how you wanted it
  5. Getting into fresh warm sheets after shaving your legs
  6. Cuddling up next to something or someone you love after a hard day
  7. Freckles – I don’t know why this makes me so happy but it does
  8. Getting a brand new fuzzy blanket thats extra soft
  9. Trying a new food for the first time
  10. When your petting a dog and they roll over for you to pet their belly- they trust you enough to be vulnerable
  11. Someone sending you a song and saying “this reminded me of you”
  12. Finishing an entire bottle of a product
  13. Eating chips and queso from your favorite Mexican restaurant – especially from Casa Tequila in Salem, Ma but add chorizo
  14. Red lipstick
  15. When you’re at a concert and have the realization that the artist is a real person
  16. The wet tongue of a puppy when they are giving you kisses
  17. Trying on an item of clothing that immediately makes you feel good
  18. Windows down screaming the words to your favorite song down the highway on a summer day
  19. Receiving flowers from someone just because they wanted to
  20. Laughing until your stomach hurts or until you have to pee
  21. Eating your favorite meal
  22. Wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants all day but still feeling put together
  23. Getting a new set of nails
  24. Traveling to a new place for the first time
  25. Getting complimented about literally anything
  26. When someone tells you they love you and you know they actually mean it.
  27. Feeling happy because you made someone else smile

I know to someone else all of these things are so stupid but sometimes the tiny stupid little things that can bring happiness on a shitty day. My advice to you is to learn about the little things that make you happy AND learn about the little things that mean something to the important people in your life. Sometimes we are all going through shit that we don’t like to talk about but if you can make someones day just because you something as small as their favorite little thing, then isn’t that worth it?



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