Gifts to get Him or Her: Christmas 2020

Alexa Di Stefano

It’s crazy to think that 2020 is almost over and Christmas is coming sooner than we think. Typically this means that the months of November and December are people scrambling to find Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Let me make it easier for you and give you my top 10 Christmas gifts for him and her for this 2020.

For Him:

  1. Tile: Tile is a Bluetooth tracker for all of your things! This is the perfect present for the man in your life that loses everything! Have him put it on his keys, phone, wallet, anything that is important to him, and never listen to him complain he can’t find his things!
  2. AirPod Pros: I feel like a lot of people already own these but I never really knew how much I would love these until I got my hands on them myself. The AirPods are perfect for any man that enjoys listening to music, podcast, or audio books! 
  3. Watches: A watch is the perfect simple gift to get a man. If he’s younger this could be one of his first “big” gifts which makes him feel older. A watch is also perfect for any man that likes to dress up his outfit a bit, this could be casual or even a business suit!
  4. Beer club/ Whiskey rocks: There are so many different beer club options where a company will ship different types of beer straight to your home! Switch it up and try a Whiskey rock set for a man who isn’t as into beer!
  5. Massage gun: This is a great gift for any man who complains about back pain, who works out, or even just wants a high quality at home massage. There are so many variations of a massage gun, choose which would be best for the man in your life and watch the excitement when he opens this gift!
  6. Blue Light Glasses: Does your man use his phone or computer for long hours? Blue Light Glasses are the perfect gift for him! These type of glasses help reduce headaches and reduce the strain on your eyes from looking at a screen for too long!
  7. Electric Lighter: These things are so cool I even bought one for myself! Great for a man who likes to smoke cigars! Charge this lighter instead of having to refill it, this also makes for a super eco friendly gift! Great for candles as well!
  8. High quality underwear: Guys truly love getting underwear as a gift, mostly because not many of them shop for themselves anyways! Getting you man a high quality, comfortable pair of underwear will make him happy!
  9. Track sets- Depending on the style of the man your shopping for this gift may be their favorite gift! Getting a matching sweatshirt and sweatpants set for a man who enjoys the athleisure or street style is a great gift! My personal favorites are from NIKE!
  10. Cologne- This gift, like the underwear, is usually not something a man buys for himself. Getting your man a scent that you enjoy is actually more of a gift for you! A classic scent for a man is Aqua Di Gio from Giorgio Armani! 

For her:

  1. YSL perfume: 2020 women have been loving the YSL perfume Black Opium, and I don’t blame them! I had to get my hands on this one as well and I get so many compliments! This is most definitely a gift that will be hard to grab this Christmas so get it quick!
  2. Fuzzy slippers: This is always a classic gift to get that special woman in your life. Like the perfume, women have been going crazy over the Amazon fuzzy slippers right now! This one is also on my Christmas list!
  3. Sol de Janiero set: Do you want your woman to smell like a delicious beach vacation 24/7? With this gift set she can! I am obsessed with this smell myself, I got the whole set which includes a full size Brazilian Bum Bum cream, Brazilian crush perfume, Brazilian Kiss lip butter, and Brazilian 4 play shower gel. 
  4. Blankets: Fuzzy or weighted blankets to be specific! This is the best gift to get when you don’t know what to get! Blankets are a classic but make sure to get them in either neutral colors or their favorite color! Weighted blankets are also a perfect gift for a woman who loves to cuddle up or has anxiety!
  5. Olaplex set: Olaplex is one of the best hair care lines I have come across in a while! If you know a woman who has been complaining about dry damaged hair then get her the Olaplex set! This is going to be flying off the shelves this Christmas!
  6. The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition: This is a gift to get for the adventurous person in your life! This kit comes with a camera and a book filled with ideas for you and your significant other to do! Take a picture when you go on the adventure and put it in the book! When you’ve completed them all you now have a photo book filled with all your memories!
  7. Tiffany wine glasses- This might seem like an odd gift but hear me out! Women love getting expensive gifts, but luckily this one is a designer brand without the designer costs! Get her a Tiffany wine glass which is normally priced at $25! 
  8. Candles- Every woman loves a scented candle that puts them in a great mood! Try any of them from White Barn and I’m sure she’ll be happy but do you have a woman who uses candles as decor? A.K.A me! I love getting cute candles and using them as decor pieces in my bathroom especially! Try some from the brands ANDREJ UREM COLLECTION, or galleria meduzza! If you just want to get her a great smelling candle try the brands Boy Smells, and LitCandle Supply! 
  9. Slip Silk Brand- This brand makes the silk pillow cases I’ve ever felt! This is an amazing gift for a woman who is into hair and skincare! You can also add on the eye mask and hair ties to get her the whole set! 
  10. Custom tumbler/ water bottles: This is a super easy find on Etsy! Get her a water bottle with her name on it or a cute saying! A great Eco-friendly gift, and you are supporting a small business as well! 

Thank you! Stay tuned for the launch of my own clothing store Messina Clothing coming January 2021!


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