5 Best Trendy Online Clothing Stores to Shop From

If you are familiar with my blog, you would have seen that quite some time ago I did a very similar post about my favorite online clothing stores that will get you that instagram baddie look. Since then, I’ve changed a lot of things about my style and even my life that make me shop at completely different stores. Don’t get me wrong the ones I mentioned are still great options BUT I think there are better options, including a list of smaller businesses that can help you get that same look! So here is my updated version of my favorite online clothing stores to shop from, Small Business edition!

Messina Clothing

Look I may be biased about this one because I do own Messina BUT that doesn’t mean I only shop here! Even though I do have a store front so I’m technically no longer just an online store I wanted to add Messina because a lot of people don’t realize that we still have our online store! I truly believe that Messina gives options for every style and had a ton of really unique trendy pieces to choose from! I personally love the neutrals for myself so that is instilled into the vision of the store! Use code MESSINA35 for 35% off your entire order!

Instagram: @messinaclothing

Shop Melrose Honey

Another Boston based small biz with tons of cute pieces is Shop Melrose Honey! If you are looking for that comfy cute sweater vibe, this is going to be your go to shop! I’ve had the pleasure of shopping online and at one of the pop ups that SMH has attended! They are always traveling around the Mass even NH area doing pop ups, so don’t miss out on shopping with this bran in person!! P.S. I live in the brown sweatpants that I got from them! Use code HONEY for $$ off your order!

Instagram: @shopmelrosehoney

Ever Young Boutique

Let’s hop onto a quick flight to Charlotte, North Carolina. Or just type Shop Ever Young in your browser and I guess you can get the same effect! If you love a pop of color, more specifically pink and purple, this is your store! Their whole vibe just screams GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN! If you scroll down far enough, to July 28th, 2021 on their insta you’ll see your girl featured in one of their tops! SEY also does a TON of pop ups so that you can shop in person with them! So if you are in the area make sure you go check them out! If you’re NOT in the area then use code EVERYOUNGBABE for 20% off of your online order!

Instagram: @shopeveryoung

Shop Ballou

For all my girlies that love dressing up, this one is for you! Shop Ballou has some of the cutest pieces to spice up your wardrobe! They also have a ton of more causal and cozy vibes but if you are looking for a shop that sells pieces that stand out in your wardrobe, then you need to check out Ballou! I even wore a few of their pieces on my Nashville trip, one even got featured on my instagram! Make sure you go read their about us on their website to read about the beautiful reason as to how they got their name! You can use code BALLOU30 for 30% off your first order with them!!

Instagram: @shopballou

Voltage Boutique

Even though, just like Messina, they are not an online only shop anymore, I had to add in my friends at Voltage Boutique! Voltage has been killing the boutique game for YEARS now! I think they have the best pieces for your next vacation! They hit every style of clothing perfectly so you can get pieces for every style that you like to rock! Some of my favorite staple tops are from Voltage, including my long sleeve snake print top thats featured on my Instagram! Make sure you use code Voltage15 for 15% off your order!

Instagram: @shopvoltage

I hope this blog post helped you find some cute new stores and pieces to shop from! Make sure you follow all of these stores on Instagram as well! I love writing about fashion and shopping so if these types of blogs interest you please let me know!



Instagram: @lexastefano

TikTok: @dyslexa

Youtube Channel: LexaStefano

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Website: http://www.messinaclothing.net

Instagram/TikTok: @messinaclothing

Youtube: Messina Clothing

Podcast: A.N.D That’s Life Podcast – A Messina Clothing Production


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