Items you NEED from Amazon to start your clothing store

If you know me then you know I have an addiction to Amazon. Like its unhealthy how much stuff I buy from that place, but in all honesty most of it is actually for my business! I have a ton of items that I think are crucial to starting your clothing store, whether it be in a store from or online as an e-commerce brand!

The Essentials:

Once you have all of your inventory ready, website done, and social media platforms made, you are ready to launch. There has to be some pieces you’re missing before you are ready to start selling, pieces that you would have never even thought of before reading this. Let’s go over the essentials that you will need.

Tag Gun and Tags

At this point, you should have already made some tags to be attached to your clothing but how do you attach them? A tag gun of course! This tag gun is the one that got me through the first year of tagging over thousands of products. The best part is it also comes with the tags itself!

Photography Backdrop

Taking good quality photos of your products is KEY to building a good website and brand. Using a photography stand and backdrop to ensure to get a crisp clean background that will enhance the quality of your photos is a must! The one linked comes with everything you will ever need; the stand, the backdrop, the clips, a carrying case, and even all of the ring lights you will need!

Thermal Printer and Shipping Labels

Whether you are only online or if you have a brick and mortar location that also has a website, you NEED a thermal printer! The printer is will always recommend is the ROLLO Printer, this thing is awesome! Not only do I use mine to print out thousands of orders but I also use it to create my labels for each item of clothing, and to create any stickers I want to put on the packages as I send them out.

If you didn’t know, to ship out any packages you need to print out a shipping label. Using the ROLLO Printer makes this super simple but you do also need to get some 4×6 Shipping Labels, the standard size for a shipping label! You can never have too many of these labels because you are able to use them for so much more than to ship packages!


Alright, by now you took all of the pictures, tagged all of the pieces, launched the website, sold the items, and are getting ready to ship out the pieces but what do you put them in? Using boxes, especially for lighter pieces like clothing, is not cost efficient but polymailers are! I love the black 10×13 Polymailers from amazon because they are stretchy and sleek! They are perfect to add stickers to spruce up the package if I wanted or keep it all black like my color scheme!

I truly think those are the most important “little” pieces that people might forget when starting their own clothing business but there is a ton more items that I have purchased that are not included in this list. I will link a few other items down below that might also be helpful!

Other items you will need:

Scale: To weigh each package before creating shipping label

Tissue Paper: To wrap the clothing before putting it in the polymailer

Stickers: If you don’t make your own with your new ROLLO printer then you can spruce up your packing with other stickers!

Stamp and Stamp Pad: This isn’t fully necessary but I love making my tissue paper fun and I do use a custom stamp to put my logo on all of my bags that we use instore!

White Paper Bags (various sizes but large ones are linked): This item truly isn’t necessary unless you have a brick and mortar or if you plan on doing popups. I personally think white paper bags are the perfect bags to use but its up to you and your color scheme! Paper bags are easier to customize with stamps and stickers!

I hope that this blog post is helpful for anyone who plans on starting their own clothing business! Please leave a comment of any other questions you may have about starting a business!



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