Fall is Here and so is Fall Fashion, Are You Ready?


JUST LIKE THAT SUMMER IS OVER!!! Fall is coming in full swing and I have never been more excited! This fall feels different to me for many reasons. For starters, I am no longer a college student. I wasn’t a college student last fall either but I feel like I didn’t suffer from FOMO because everyone else was home as well because of COVID. This year it’s really hitting me that Im 23 and no longer a student.

I’m an actual adult now.

That goes to work and pays taxes.

Thats disgusting.

I could talk for hours about how much I hate being an adult but we can save that for another blog post. In THIS post were going to talk about my predictions for fall fashion in 2021.

Fashion is one of my favorite passions ever. If you didn’t know I own a clothing store called Messina Clothing located in the North Shore Mall in Peabody, Ma. So fashion actually means a lot to me, it’s my job. With this being said, a lot of my job is to predict fashion trends for the upcoming seasons so I can plan inventory. I’m going to share with you my top 5 favorite fall trends I have been seeing EVERYWHERE that I think will stick this Fall.


  • Colors: Brown, Sage, Tan, and Navy.
    • Brown – Chocolate brown to be specific will be THE color for fall. This dark neutral color is perfect to match any fall fit. I love matching chocolate brown with a tan/khaki color for a neutral toned look. Or even matching baggy Brown Jeans with a cute brown cropped shirt and a zip up sweatshirt is such a cute monochromatic look to me.
    • Sage- I love using sage as a color to transition from summer into fall. It can be matched with other bright colors like pink or orange for the summer but looks amazing with brown and tan for fall. Even a darker sage color by itself with black or white accessories is a vibe.
    • Tan- I love a good tan/ khaki moment in the fall. Yes, sometimes, if done wrong, it will end up looking like a prep school outfit. BUT, if done correctly, it can be such a cute outfit. Wearing tan pants, my favorite style is dickies for this look, a cropped distress white crop top with sneakers, and a ton a jewelry is a great day to day outfit.
    • Navy- I personally love matching Navy with Tan. Picture tan pants with a navy oversized sweatshirt and a white collared shirt under it. Put some gold jewelry, sneakers, and a hat. Tell me that isn’t the cutest outfit!!
  • Puffers: Okay hear me out. I know puffer jackets are a thing of the past but are they?? I have been seeing the cropped puffer jacket EVERYWHERE. I have also been seeing the puffer purses, which I have been kind of loving. Olivia is serving LOOKS here wearing a cropped black puffer, with a dainty knitted crop under and some leather pants (this whole outfit is exactly what I will be talking about next). I think this trend could be sticking around for a while but just in different forms! Im super excited to see more of the puffer trend
Olivia LeDonne ( @Trennndd on Instagram)
  • Knitted Tops: I know for a fact these are super popular right now, I have them in my own store! I love the look of a dainty knitted crop top or bralette with jeans and a flannel or leather pants and a jacket. If you like to be more casual too switch sweatpants in for the jeans and add some chunky sneakers and you just made a street wear option. These types of tops make outfits so much more feminine which I love bringing that aspect to a grungy outfit. Miss Olivia looks so comfy cute in this outfit where she is wearing a knitted cropped tank with sweat shorts and a baseball hat.
Olivia LeDonne (@Trennndd on Instagram)
  • Matching Sets: I have written about these before but i’m OBSESSED. Wearing matching sweatshirt and sweatpants set with chunky gold jewelry, a baseball hat, and sneakers is the perfect running errands look but it still looks put together. This can also be elevated by wearing a matching cropped blazer and skirt or pant set. I’ve seen these types of outfits become more popular with a long sleeve collared shirt and sweatpants sets. Just like the one Olivia is wearing in this picture. Think a sage matching set with white boots and jewelry is soooo cute!! (I may or may not be adding this part in because this exact outfit will be in my store soon!)
Olivia LeDonne (@Trennndd on Instagram)
  • Leather: Yes we all know leather jackets and pants have been a staple in most peoples closets for a while now but I have been seeing leather crop tops and accessories more and more this year. I love the look that leather adds to any outfit. Wearing leather pants with literally anything is such a look. Sweatshirt, crop tops, heels, sneakers, literally whatever. Now think about jeans with a crop top and a leather purse. HOW CUTE?? It adds just a touch to any outfit! Olivia is KILLING this outfit wearing a leather puffer with leather pants. This outfit ties everything that was said in this blog post together. Leather, Puffers, and Matching sets.
Olivia LeDonne (@Trennndd On Instagram)

I hope you guys enjoyed this short blog post! I love making these so much so I hope you guys enjoy reading them as well! Let me know your thoughts on all of these trends for the fall. Will you be wearing any?

I do not own the rights to any of the photos. Every photo is from the beautiful Olivia LeDonne, she is an incredible model from the greater Boston Area. If you ever need a model please reach out to her she is amazing! Her information is linked in the bottom! She is also a wardrobe stylist, as you can tell by these pictures she has amazing taste in clothing. I’ve worked with Olivia in the past for Messina Clothing and those pictures turned out absolutely amazing! Check them out down below!


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Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/lexastefano


Website: http://www.messinaclothing.net

Instagram/ TikTok/ Facebook: @messinaclothing


Instagram: @Trennndd

Email: okgledonne@gmail.com


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