Getting back into things: A Rant.

Okay listen, I know I haven’t been the most consistent when it comes to my blog youtube channel or any of my social media platforms to be honest but I am trying my best here okay so please don’t be mad at me! I wanted to sit down and write a quick update on where I am at in my life before I get back into working on more consistent, specific content.

The last time I sat down and wrote for you guys was in November of 2020, which was an article I wrote for DreamRose Lifestyle Magazine about Christmas gifts. As you can assume a lot has changed in my life since then. So I figured I will update you month to month about what has been happening. I feel like I have to to be able to create content for you guys thats based off of whats going on in my life, ya know?

January: I was working as a bartender at a restaurant in Faneuil Hall, Boston. I loved this job so much honestly. I met so many amazing people that I hope to keep in my life for a while. I learned a lot about myself and my boundaries with working. This job also taught me that I no longer want to work for someone and would rather work for myself. Now don’t take that in a bad way, it has nothing to do with the managers or owner because I have so much love for the people I left behind in that job. I did realize how I am not the type of person who can work a 9-5 everyday and be okay with that lifestyle. I wanted something different.

February: I launched my online clothing store. I had been planning the start of my store since October of 2020 but I officially launched February 5th 2021! I knew I wanted to do something that not many people can successfully do, and I took this as a challenge to create a brand that I could grow into an empire. Within the first month of my store I sold out of so many items and learned more about running a small business. It was a completely different experience than I thought it was going to be but I learned fast and kept up with working two full time jobs. I’m going to save the details of starting my small business for another blog post because I could talk about that for hours.

March: I went to Dallas with my boyfriend to attend the Dallas Wholesale Market Center and it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve done with my small business so far. I has an absolute blast attending a 16 floor mall to shop for my store, I mean who wouldn’t? Plus I also got to go to Texas for the first time which was super exciting as well. It gave me insight on how sol many other amazing business owners run their own business and I joined a community I didn’t even realize was a thing! I loved it so much I will be attending again in August!

April: I signed a lease to get my online store into a retail space in a mall! This was like a dream come true for me! I took the next month to fully plan out everything I possibly needed to open my store front in 1 month. If you know me, you know this isn’t out of the ordinary for me, I’m super impulsive. This opportunity presented itself to me and I took that chance so fast. I had to quit my bartending job to be able to put together my store and work there full time once it was open.

May: I officially opened my store front May 14th 2021. The store is located in the North Shore Mall in Peabody MA if anyone wants to come visit! I had the first two weeks of May to get into the store and set everything up. Thankfully I had the best support system in the world helping me every single day! Huge shoutout to my parents, my brother, my boyfriend, my best friend Mariana, and my cousin Sloan! Also shoutout to my photographer Michela, all my models and my intern Cadence you guys all have helped me so much!

June: I’ve officially been open for about a month and have done way better than expected. The support I’ve gotten from people that have come in was so unexpected and I am so thankful to have created this family between me and my customers because I would not be here without them. Im so excited to see how the rest of the summer goes with this store front! Oh I also turned 23 this month and got to celebrate with all my friends from home and school that I haven’t seen in a year because of Covid.

Thats about all thats happened in the past 6 months so now that we are all caught up I can start being more consistent with content thats relevant in my life now. I’d love to keep updated with the type of content you guys would like to see from me so leave me a comment on this post or on my other social media platforms on what you want to see!

Love you guys!

xx Alexa


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