10 Wardrobe Essentials

Hello, Lovelies!!!

I know it has been a while since I last posted, a lot has happened since the beginning of 2018, some good some bad ( but that’s a story for another blog). Something that’s really been on my mind lately is how I’ve been dressing. I know I mentioned in my last blog that I planned on dressing the part for every day but I have been my style really change this year. I have been so obsessed with the grungy, street style look. Mostly with brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma (my personal favorite), Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein.

Every wardrobe has to have some staple pieces to it. So here I have a list of 10 Wardrobe essentials that are MUST HAVES in your closet.

1) Plain t-shirt- any color but my favorite is white 

white shirt

A simple white Tshirt can be used to dress up or down any look. Like in the picture, this white shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers, or slides can make this look casual and cute! Pair it with heels, black jeans, and a necklace and you have an outfit that your ready to slay all day in! Any type of basic one colored top can do the same thing for this type of outfit!

I also recommend doing this with a plain black Tshirt, and black jeans. This all-black look is so effortless and can truly be paired with anything. Do crazy printed heels and a bold lip for a wild night out or with bright colored sneakers and a jean jacket for a casual yet still bold look!

2) Ripped jeans 



Ripped jeans, like the casual Tshirt, are so versatile and easy to mix and match outfits! Jeans are so easy to dress up with a top that is a little more dressy, matched with some heels or booties. Or, matched with an oversized Tshirt or sweatshirt, with sneakers or slides and it creates a laid-back look.

I personally love black ripped jeans, I would usually pair black ripped jeans with either a cute sneaker or boot, one color (probably white or black) T-shirt, and a jean or green army jacket over it. Or I would also pair a light pair of jeans with black heeled boots, and a dress shirt or even a cute crop top depending on what event I am attending.

3) Jean Jacket


Jean Jackets are an easy stackable wear. The best part about Jean Jackets is that they are able to be worn ALL YEAR ROUND. In the chilly summer nights, you could wear a dress or even shorts and a crop top, throw on a jean jacket and be stylish yet still warm. In the cold winter days, throw on a jean jacket over a sweatshirt to give you a styling street look and have multiple layers to stay warm!

Especially in today’s fashion world, denim on denim is such a trend, match your denim colors as close as possible, pair a black crop top and some slides and you have a trendy look!

4) Little Black Dress

little black dress

Now growing up I would always hear the saying Little Black Dress and never truly understood why it was so important in the fashion world. Now as I grow and learn about the fashion world I finally get it.

The little black dress will always be your best friend. This piece is killer in your wardrobe. Wear it plain with heels and you have a cute outfit. Throw on some killer bold pumps and a matching bag and your ready for the runway. Throw over a jean jacket and some slides, you have a more casual but still fashionable outfit for an everyday event.

5) Your favorite sneaker


This one truly varies on your own sense of style and comfort. For myself, I wear a lot of neutral colors; black, white, gray, army green, tan/nude. So like my styles, my shoes follow the same way. My three favorite shoes, all shown above, are my white Nike sneakers, black and white Vans, and black Adidas sneakers. I am able to match multiple outfits with each shoe, even though they are all the same colors, some outfits look better with each style of shoe. Also, each sneaker is super comfortable for me!

My advice is to stay within your sense of style and color for the type of sneakers you want. It does not have to be a name brand sneaker, only has to be the style that you enjoy wearing! Make sure the sneaker is comfortable, sometimes it may look good but not feel good.

6) Black Heels


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but that’s a complete lie because black heels are a girl’s best friend. Black is the #1 color that goes best with every single color, making it so easy to pair with any type of outfit.

The basic black strappy heel goes with every type of outfit, whether it be dressy or casual, this heel will match with it. If your trying to be a little bolder, try a studded black heel, this gives your outfit a little edge and gives you a little confidence. When it is colder out or even when there’s snow on the ground, you’re not going to want to wear open toe heels, this is where booties come in! Short black boots are the perfect fall and winter shoes. These are perfect for the same outfits as the black heels. When you want to make your outfit a little more dressed up, try adding thigh high boots. These look great with a shorter dress or even jeans!

7) Sweatshirt

black, girl, and grunge image

Sweatshirts are such a comfy add to an outfit. Like in the picture a colored sweatshirt with black jeans and vans is such a trendy outfit currently. Add a sweatshirt, for this outfit I personally like cropped sweatshirt, with a pair of joggers and vans and you also have a trendy outfit. Dress a sweatshirt up by adding black jeans and booties and you have a cute outfit. If your sweatshirt is too large for you, or you wanna take one from a guy, add thigh-high boots and now you have a sweatshirt dress (but don’t forget to add spandex under it!!).

8) Sweatpants/ Joggers

fashion, girl, and outfit image

Joggers have been climbing up the fashion ladder lately. Wearing joggers with a crop top or sweatshirt and sneakers is such a look right now, your comfy but still trendy. If you really want to you could also dress joggers up with heels. These could also just be used as sweatpants for around the house. Personally, I love anything that’s as close to pajamas that allows me to still look decent!

I love my light gray Adidas joggers, I usually wear them around with my white muscle crop top and pair it with my white superstars. I think this is a cute outfit that is so easy.

9) Handbag

The perfect bag can tie an entire outfit together. Use a bag to add a pop of color or cool print to a basic outfit. Or use it to dress up an outfit by getting a designer bag! But don’t let that trip you up, even a basic bag that looks good can make any outfit look expensive.

My favorite purse that I always wear right now is my basic Louis Vuitton bag. It is very similar to the one that is pictured above!

10) Jewelry

accessories, earrings, and jewel image

This is truly key to whether an outfit looks dressy or bummy.  Adding a necklace and some rings to a basic outfit can add a pop of color or shimmer to an outfit. Try stacking necklaces for a more dynamic touch. Combining silver and gold can create a two-dimensional look over a basic black outfit.

My personal favorite is a basic black dress, with a thick diamond choker that matches diamond heels. I think this look is so classy and expensive looking but so easy to find. Try finding your style with small pieces of jewelry and work an outfit around it!


I hope you all enjoyed and got some inspiration from this post! Leave a comment letting me know what other pieces are in your wardrobe essentials!

Thank you for reading! Love you all! Make sure to follow my other socials!

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