2018- New Year and a Fresh Start

Hello Beauties!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Years! In my last post I said I was going to post something for Christmas/ What I got for Christmas but i didn’t end up doing that because I mostly only got clothes and other things that would have built up. So I decided instead I will share my New Year resolutions.

In this upcoming new year I am planning for a lot of changes in my life, mostly in my habits. I believe that life revolves around your habits, wether it be lifestyle wise (how you act) or in how you take care of your self. There is many things that I realized I have been doing that I would like to change. Now I know it will not be easy nor can I just completly change everything, it will take time and a lot of effort but one thing I have realized is that I need a routine. A basic step by step routine is how I am going to start bringing change into my life this year.

Many things I would like to change are very small, some are things I wouldn’t even think twice about because they have never been relevant to my life but now that I am stepped back and seen how my life is and what I like and don’t like about it I have noticed how these small steps could impact my life.

Some things on this list of resolutions could help you in your own life, if you really think about why it may help and you are ready to commit yourself to changing into this routine.

MY LIST OF RESOLUTIONS FOR 2018 (in no special order):

  1. Have a morning routine. This routine will consist of many things-
    1. Waking up early -7 am to be exact (anyone who know me will know I can sleep all day)
    2. Make my bed- this honestly seems so small and stupid to me at first but I feel as if my bed is made my life feel a little bit more put together, my room feels more organized, and I feel a little bit better about my day. This also stops from tempting me from getting back into bed later on.
    3. Drink tea- I’m not a huge coffee drinker, maybe once in a while, so tea is my way to go. I would like to be able to have a moment in the morning where I can sit down, check my emails, social media, my agenda/ calendar for what I have to do that day and most importantly sip on a cup of tea.
    4. Exercise- I would really like to try to incorporate this into my morning routine for a few reasons. First, I want this in the morning so it can help me wake up and feel refreshed. Second, I would like to really keep in shape this year and I feel as if I push myself right in the morning to get up and go workout then I will have more motivation throughout my day to do other activities. Also, I believe as this will help make me feel as if I accomplished something that day. Everyone loves that feeling when you can finally cross something off of a crazy long to-do list, I want to make this resolution one of those activities I can cross off and feel good about it.
  2. Vitamins – This may seem like a weird one to put on a resolution list but let me tell you why. I have never been one to take vitamins nor has my parents ever pushed me to take them either. Lately I have really been on a health kick where I believe that vitamins could really help me. Again, if you know me you know that my body is a mess and I need all the help I can get. I have the world’s worse immune system and I wanted to do at least something to be able to help that. So, I have been taking a few different things every morning with my tea. I have been taking;
    1. women’s one a day chewy vitamins
    2. vitamin C chewy gummies
    3. hair skin and nail gummies
    4. fish oil pills
  3. Use agenda and plan your day-  This I believe is going to be the hardest for me. I am the most unorganized person ever and I hate writing things down. I am a very busy person, being a full time college student, being on the cheerleading team at my school, and working part-time at a restaurant. With this I am also trying to make time to write blog posts, film/edit/post my youtube vids and maintain my channel, study, and have a social life. To organize all of this I have two different journals I will have everything written down in. The first is one that is based strictly for school related things. This including work that needs to be done, meeting that involve school related things, group projects, study times, and practices.  Then I have another journal (a beautiful marble one to be exact, IM OBSESSED WITH MARBLE) that I will keep all my life in. This one will include a day to day written out plan on EXACTLY what needs to be done, and at what time. It will start at 7 am when I wake up and go hourly through my day until I go to sleep. This will also include my school related meetings and practices on top of select study time and select time to work on my blog and other social media. If you would like a more in-depth, with pictures, of what these will fully consist of just let me know and I will deffently make sure I talk about that!
  4. Eat whole foods and hydrate- This will need a more in depth research of a new diet I would like to be on. Im not talking about anything crazy i’m talking more of really watching what I eat and eating more healthy. Someone can workout all they want but they won’t make any progress unless they change their eating habits. A few of mine is all binge eating, eating fast foods like Mcdonald and TacoBell, or even the little ones like eating too fast instead of taking my time and chewing my food. It had been found that people who chew their food more and taking their time eating have a faster metabolism.  I also want to hydrate more. By always keeping a water bottle on me will remind me to continuously drink water and keep filling it up at the water stations that are in various buildings on my campus. Drinking water helps with your metabolism as well as keeping your skin clear. On top of doing this I would like to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet, now I’m not the biggest fan or eating them straight so I would like to try to put them into a smoothie and take them in that way! I love smoothies so this will be the easiest way of fruits, vegetable, and even dairy which will help gain some calcium for my bones!
  5. Skincare- I would like to keep the routine of washing my face every morning and night when I wake and and before I go to sleep. I also want to continue moisturizing  my face after each wash to make sure my skin is still hydrated. I currently use Cetaphil daily facial wash and is mastering lotion. Sometimes when I get really stressed I will have very bad breakouts on the right side of my face, on my cheek and my jaw line. For this I use Clean and Clear’s salicylic acid. Once a week I will also wash my face with a face scrub, the one I use is by the brand Korres, it is a rose facial scrub. I LOVE face masks, I will do them once or twice a week, I switch up between sheet and mud masks depending on how my skin is that week. I will also do another in depth post (or video-most likely video) of my skincare routine.
  6. Set goals- I want to really set goals of myself wether is be daily, weekly, or monthly. Daily could be making a to-do list on a post-it note and making sure everything on it gets crossed off. Weekly would be to make sure that I workout and go to the gym a certain amount of times, or even switch up my gym routine one day out of the week to make sure I get a change. Monthly could be just to make sure I do something to help myself or for others, it could even be a random act of kindness.
  7. Dress the part- what I mean by this is I want to make sure every day I dress as if its the day I’m going to meet someone every important. I want to look good everyday and make sure I am put together, even on the days I’m feeling the worst. I want to make sure that no matter the situation I am ready fashion wise. I am a business major so I would like to try to incorporate business casual into my everyday wardrobe. My style right now is more street style/ grunge which I can still make look presentable, but adding different pieces to my wardrobe will help expand my comfort zone fashion wise and help me plan for any occasion.
  8. Plan out outfit the night before- with fashion on the mind I am going to start planning out my outfits the night before so that it is ready to just slip on in the morning. This will help give me extra time in the morning so I won’t have to rush and can have 5 extra minutes drinking my tea or working out. I will also have more time to do my hair and makeup which will match that outfit of the day! I can also base my outfit off of what I will be doing that day which will help me be able to feel more comfortable in whatever situation I am in.
  9. Declutter- For decluttering I am talking about the materialistic things in my life. I have a lot of random things that I truly don’t need wether it be clothes, jewelry, make-up, you name it I promise I have so much of it laying around my room somewhere. I would like to, every season, do a closet clean out. This would be me going into my closet and cleaning out anything that I know I will not wear anymore. The things that I might still wear but wouldn’t be upset if they were gone would stay and be listed on my postmark account. (username is @lexastefano on their as well so check out my closet!). This also includes my emails. I am one to always forget to check my emails then one day I’ll look and have over 1,000 sitting in my inbox. One way to help this is I am going to use google’s help by color coding special folders for emails being (fashion, makeup, school, random) and sorting all of it into certain colors then being able to see what is important and what is not!
  10. Have me time and Pamper myself- This is the most important out of all. Taking the time out of your day for yourself is honestly always hard. When your running around with so many different things going on in your life it’s not easy to just put it on pause and take a breath. I plan on having one day a month as a me day. A day I take off and treat myself to a little spa day. Do a hair mask, put a face mask on and take a bath, get my nails done, something so small and rewarding. Being able to just have time to do something I want to do, even going to a concert or some type of game. Anything along the lines of having fun with no stress or reminders of anything but myself is something we all have to bring into out lives. This might mean turning that phone on do not disturb and just cutting off the world for a day to yourself. In the end, it will be worth it.


I know this was a really long post but I hope you got some idea for your own New Year’s resolutions! Let’s make 2018 the year to ourselves, to happiness, and to good habits! Hope you all enjoyed this post! Let me know what else you’d like for me to talk about! Love you all!

Happy New Year! Love,


3 responses to “2018- New Year and a Fresh Start”

  1. I love this!!! Your blog is beautiful and your some of your New Years resolution will definitely become mine!! Thank you for inspiring !


  2. I love this!!! Your blog came out beautiful and some of your New Years resolution will definitely become some of mine too!! Thank you for inspiring and can’t wait for more post to come!!

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